Entrepreneurial spirit: Resolute and pragmatic, high-spirited


    Business approach: quality first, reputation first, customer first


    Management philosophy:Focus on the scene, continuous improvement


    Work style:united, pragmatic, harmonious, diligent and enterprising


Shengda before the meeting will tell the society and all the employees who work for it: Shengda Qianliang has always faced all the difficulties and hardships. "Shan Gao is the peak, the road is still long" is the motto of the company. The mountains are high again, it is difficult to climb, and there will always be people standing on the peak; if the road is far away, there will still be people who will take a new road. Shengda Qianliang needs all colleagues to be high-spirited and tough, so that they can set foot on the summit to see the mountains. This is the interpretation of the corporate spirit of Shengda Qianliang Aluminum Co., Ltd.


At the beginning of its establishment, Shengda Qianliang Aluminum Co., Ltd. established its business philosophy: to provide customers with high-quality products, meticulous and thoughtful service, and establish a good corporate reputation. The best quality price ratio makes customers feel super Value. Shengda’s former meeting will unswervingly abide by these vows and consistently implement every job and employee behavior of the company.

In order to make the continuous improvement of the enterprise efficient and fast, Shengda's internal management always focuses on the scene, to the scene to find problems and solve problems, which is the cornerstone of Shengda's development.

Shengda Qianliang is a people-oriented company. Whether it is the customers who cooperate with it or the employees who work for it, they are respected. Shengda is proud of our dedicated employees and loyal customers because they constantly Use their hard work to create value for the company.

All of this is the core competitiveness of Shengda Qianliang Aluminum Co., Ltd., which also constitutes the corporate culture of Shengda.